Below you will find some examples of our work. Please continue to check back as we will be updating this page with new images as the remodeled pool pictures become available.

This family called us due to deck issues that they were having.  Once it was assessed, we completely renovated the deck, the pool and added a water feature for a relaxing ambiance.

This family was tired of looking at an old planter with a water feature that did not work for a very long time.  They called “CPR” to fix the problem.  We completely re-worked what they had going on for maximum flow and pressure.  They were so happy with the results that they decided to spruce up the interior finish with an upgraded product, as well.  Now, they are thrilled with their new outdoor space and enjoy it daily.

From drab to fab in a blink of an eye!  This couple was a pleasure to work with and currently enjoying their newly renovated pool.  We removed planters and a non working water feature.  We added a new interior finish, glass tile, LED Light, deck jets as well as resurfacing the deck.  Additional deck drain was needed and added for proper drainage between the pool and house.

This  customer was looking for something different when they called “CPR”.  We surely impressed by adding a new interior finish, tile, and pavers.  This created a wonderful outdoor retreat that will be utilized for years to come.

This pool was in need of some TLC & CPR! The customer chose a beautiful blue tile with a stunning “Hawaiian”Gem finish. He saw the stingray in another pool and had to have one for himself. We love his choices!

We added a spa to this Pool! Yes we can do that too!

First things first, we needed to add on to the existing concrete deck.  Once that was completed we built a beautiful 12″ high spa with a tiered step spillway. The customers chose two different dark black natural stones as their tile and spillway. They then selected the “Petite Pearl” “Bahama Blue” as their interior finish giving it that dark blue water. For their deck renovation, they selected a “Stamped Concrete Overlay”. A new Bronze screen enclosure was installed and the transformation was complete. Just Beautiful!

Beautiful Rock Waterfall Added!

How about this beauty? A beautiful, huge rock waterfall added using a combination of River Rock and a Moss Field Stone. The interior of the pool is a two toned finish with the beach and steps being the Florida Pearl and the interior of the pool, the Hawaiian Gem by Florida Stucco. They even decided to change up the interior of the spa floor with a Black Lagoon with Florida Pearl on the bench seating.

It looks awesome!

This pool turned out so pretty. The tile was very outdated and it certainly needed a new interior finish. The customer chose a very cool tile with accent tiles that actually glow in the dark on the face of the steps. They also chose some beautiful mosaics from “The Mosaic Lady” to add to the sides, steps and bottom of the pool, finishing it off with a “Hawaiian Gem” finish really turned this pool around.

Another CPR Renovation

The customer wanted to change the entire look of their backyard paradise. By adding additional decking at the rear of their pool it gave them more room for tables and chairs and the addition of decking on the side of the house gave them their summer kitchen area. Changing from a White enclosure to a Bronze enclosure was also a great choice. A new rock waterfall, rock tile and a deep blue “Bahama Blue” Florida Stucco Petite Pearl finish gave them the look that they were going for.

This little courtyard pool needed some CPR! Originally it had a black interior finish with a standard acrylic decking, a rock flower bed and no deck drain. We removed the rock flower bed, poured concrete, installed deck drain around the areas needed, installed brick coping and a brick deck. The customer chose a green tile with a glass accent and a lovely “Emerald Sea” green interior. The pool now is bright, inviting and has all of the proper drainage that it needs.

This beautiful pool had a fiberglass spa which we changed into a concrete spa. In addition to the spa, the pool had all new tile installed, new coping, and pavers. It was resurfaced with “Blue Breeze” Petite Pearl finish which really makes for a gorgeous, very blue pool. They also opted to get rid of the White screen enclosure and we changed it out to Bronze. Look how beautiful it all turned out.

This pool is such a “Beautiful” and “Elegant” transformation!

Our customers wanted to do away with their spa and part of the planter to add a zero entry beach. We also changed out their tile to a vibrant turquoise blue glass and finished the interior in an emerald color. The beach was done in a natural sand like finish that beautifully enhances the beach look and matches the real beach outside. We reworked the pedestal and took it from a boring little wall with 2 holes, to an elegant, fully tiled sheer arced waterfall that provides a captivating sound. The old dated mosaic tiles on the deck were also changed to 3 new, more modern ones that completes the whole package.

This pool now fits in, and “Belongs” on their beautiful waterfront home!

This pool had outdated tile and the deck was an acrylic deck with brick coping.

We updated the tile and installed a complete new paver deck.

Another Beautiful Renovation

The addition of  a Stone Wall Fall, Glass tile and cool LED Lighting certainly does make for a stunning backyard retreat.

From a Dream to a Reality…..Our customers wanted to change everything about their pool. Change it from a rectangle to a free form, from a flat deck to the addition of risers with water bowls on pedestals, from acrylic deck to pavers and adding a large beach shelf for relaxing on. Starting out with just a simple drawing on a piece of scratch paper to transforming it into the pool of their dreams. Believe it or not, this is the same pool!

This was a large pool with a spa. The customer decided that they no longer wanted a spa so we filled it in which gave them more room on the deck. They also went with a gorgeous “Hawaiian Blue” gem finish. With the addition of the school of Sting Rays and the baby turtles on the steps, it came out beautiful. They also added new LED Lights for that night time ambiance. Pictures just never seem to do it justice on what it adds to the pool and the effect that it has. Everyone is so happy with the way this renovation turned out.

This was a fun project. We added a “Fire Bowl” to the top of the rock waterfall and a new “Fire Pit” on the deck. We added on to the existing rock water fall and installed a fire bowl on the top of it. It will be gorgeous when it is lit up at night.

We renovated this pool in Titusville by installing 4 LED Laminar Deck Jets, 2 Arch Sheer Waterfalls, new tile, 2 LED lights in the pool and a new interior finish. The homeowner had new brick coping and paver deck installed and the sound of the water falling and the light show of the LED’s really made a big change to this outdated pool. It is simply stunning now that everything is complete.

Here is one of our renovations and what a transformation! We added a rock waterfall, new tile, changed the deck from Acrylic to Pavers and resurfaced the pool interior in a beautiful blue with little glass pebbles (Florida Stucco Jewel Series) ….this is how it started. Here are some pictures of the process and how it turned out. They love the sound of falling water and how their backyard went from ordinary to WOW! 

On this pool we dressed it up and brought the sound of falling water to this backyard paradise.

This pool really needed our help. The customer wanted a brighter more cheerful pool and the sound of falling water. We were able to accomplish this with the addition of a bright blue tile, the installation of a wall fall with a sheer waterfall and giving the finish a good cleaning. We really brought this old pool back to life.

“Let CPR Bring Your Pool Back To Life”

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